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School Sport ACT

School Sport ACT (SSACT) is responsible for the oversight of school sport as it relates to the School Sport Australia representative pathway. SSACT supports all ACT schools wishing to participate from the three sectors of education; ACT Department of Education & Training, the Catholic Education Office and the Independent Schools Association.

SSACT actively promotes sport for all ACT school students through:

  • Participation – all students are encouraged to be active
  • Potential – athletes have the chance to develop their potential and compete at their chosen level
  • Pathways – students are encouraged to participate in community sport as well as school sport to develop lifelong habits, and therefore increase their health and well being

School Sport ACT Objective:

“promote, coordinate, support and encourage ACT students’ participation in competitive sport to complement educational learning outcomes.”

To achieve the objective SSACT will:

  • provide regular sporting competition which complements the educational learning outcomes;
  • ensure competition meets the expectations of parents and school leaders in the spirit of good sportsmanship;
  • maximise opportunities for students to compete at a level suitable to their age and ability;
  • promote partnerships with community sports organisations;
  • provide strategic leadership;
  • advocating recognition for School Sport within the broader community, and
  • provide efficient administration of SSACT