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Message from the Chair

Message from Council Chair

The delivery of School Sport throughout Australia has been interrupted like never before during 2020 and 2021.  As a result, many students have missed the opportunity to compete at the national level against their peers from other schools, regions, state and territories. We are reminded of the place that sport plays in the Australian society and we appreciate that community health comes before personal goals. 

That said, School Sport ACT has been navigating our way through the Covid-19 pandemic and continues to be an organisation which strives for, and delivers, excellence.  Our staff has developed and implemented plans which have enabled our students to participate in sports at a local level and we are ready to take on the other states and territories once travel is permitted. 

The Council continues to take great pride in the work done by our staff under the leadership of Executive Officer Liz Yuen in ensuring our stakeholders, students, teachers, parents and officials are not only kept informed regarding the status of School Sport at all levels, but have been able to engage in activities within the guide-lines of Covid-19.

We anticipate that the latter half of 2021 will see School Sport Australia National Championships reinstated and our students given the chance to test themselves against our interstate rivals.  SSACT is ready, willing and able to deliver our teams once we have the “green light” to do so. In the interim we encourage all students to stay active and participate in the SSACT activities.  

I wish to thank the Principals of the schools for their ongoing support of school sport.  A massive thank to the teachers who have had to adjust their methods of teaching and still find time to deliver sporting opportunities for students.  We thank the students for their patience during the pandemic and look forward to watching you competing again sooner rather than later. And to the parents who have provided the guidance and support to each student wanting to participate in SSACT activities, you are much appreciated. 

I also thank the community sports who have worked with SSACT during this period.  We understand the difficult staffing decisions many sports have had to make and appreciate that there is a reduced number of staff servicing sport.

In closing, I ask that we all spare a thought for those who have undergone a range of losses and difficulties during the past months.  We are fortunate to live in Canberra where we are relatively protected, however that has not lessened the impact for several or our SSACT families.  Should you believe there is anything SSACT can do to assist please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes for 2021

Chris Nunn OAM


SSACT Council