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Our sponsors

Education Training Directorate, Catholic Education Office and Independent Schools.

School Sport ACT can only continue to support the delivery of school sport in the ACT and provide our students with an opportunity to progress on their representative pathway through annual funding support from the three sectors of education. Education values SSACT contribution to the provision of physical activity and competitive representation, their ongoing support is greatly appreciated.

Our Sponsors

Teachers Mutual Bank

Teachers Mutual Bank collaborate with a wide range of education community partners and provide financial support through sponsorships, partnerships, grants, scholarships, donations and charities Across the education community we aim to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our sponsorship recipients and the community

SSACT is fortunate to have Teachers Mutual Bank provide sponsorship to conduct the end of year Excellence Awards and Thanks Evening, their ongoing support is greatly appreciated.

One Sportswear

One Sportswear and Uniforms supplies uniform clothing & accessories to sports clubs, schools, business & government bodies. Under its own label one sportswear manufactures custom made polo shirts, tracksuits, football jerseys & shorts. One Sportswear is the uniform provider for SSACT team members and officials and provides ongoing sponsorship to the organisation, their support is greatly appreciated.

Rising Stars

Rising Stars helps shape the growing professionalism of the educational travel sector by tailoring specialised travel programs for a number of our fellow states participating in School Sport Australia events. SSACT has taken on the services of Rising Stars to coordinate all our travel and accommodation needs, to alleviate the burden on our volunteer officials. Their ongoing support and sponsorship, especially in the preparation for the Pacific School Games, has been invaluable