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SSACT and SSA Award Recipients

SSACT and SSA Previous Award Recipients

School Sport ACT Excellence in Sport Awards

The Excellence in School Sport Awards are presented in recognition of sporting excellence by ACT school students who have competed at a Regional, State, National or International level.

The awards are the highest school sporting honour presented to ACT school students, with the recipients invited to attend an awards ceremony and are presented with an award and memento of the occasion.

The awards are divided into;

  • Four individual categories; School Sport ACT Achievement Award, School Sport ACT Leadership Award, School Sport ACT Sportsmanship Award and School Sport ACT All Rounder Award
  • One Team Category – School Sport ACT Team Achievement Award
  • One Official Category – School Sport ACT Official of the Year
  • One School Category – School Sport ACT Participation Award

The top four nominees in each category, determined by the ACT School Sport Council, will receive an invitation to attend the awards ceremony, to be conducted in March of the following year. Nominees will also receive a certificate congratulating them on their nomination.

Students who achieved All Australian Team or Shadow Player selection at their respective School Sport Australia Championship will also be invited and acknowledged at the awards ceremony.

Nomination Guidelines

  • Principals, School Sport Coordinators, Regional School Sport Advisory Group members or Regional or State Team Officials may submit nominations.
  • Sporting achievements are to be restricted to achievements in school  sport teams and/or events, including Primary SSACT endorsed calendar events.
  • Students sporting conduct needs to meet with principles outlined in the School Sport Australia Fair Play in School Sport policy, specifically in relation to displaying appropriate qualities of sportsmanship.
  • Sporting achievements in most instances would need to be at National, State or Regional level.
  • Students must be enrolled at an ACT School. All nominations must carry the endorsement of the Principal of the school attended.
  • A maximum number of two females and two males in the 12 years and under category, and two females and two males in the 13 and over category, will be awarded in each category, in any one year.
  • Nominations for Para Athletes can be entered across all 4 of the individual categories and will be considered alongside Able Bodied Athlete Nominations.

School Sport Australia Awards

For past nationwide recipients of School Sport Australia Awards please go to