202, 2nd Floor, Dattawad Renaissance, Trade Center. Ensure that your coding operations never slow down or stop. Fathom lets you quickly represent data in a variety of graphs, including bar charts, scatter plots, function plots, histograms and more. Accurately simulate individual system components and interaction Make Data Management Easy. Learn how we enriched a cloud-based transportation logistics platform with built-in, future-focused features, which paved the way for them to expand into new verticals & achieve greater success. In Fathom, you can plot values and functions on top of bivariate data and vary them dynamically with sliders to show the effects of variables.

We have a deep understanding of DevOps and practice CI/CD in all of our deliveries. We’re committed to work hard across your product’s entire lifecycle from ideation and validation through strategy, development, ongoing maintenance and growth. Integrations with QuickBooks, Xero, and MYOB, allowing users to import financial data directly from their accounting software. For more information, view the, Experiment with operating conditions and scenarios, Easily change system input data, including valve positions, pump operation, control set points, pressures, temperatures and more, Model a wide range of system components for both design and operational cases, Vary your system line-up: open / close pipes and valves, turn pumps on or off, set control valves to fail position, Specify design alerts that automatically highlight output values that are out of range for flow, pressure, velocity, pump efficiency and more, Find pump data from online manufacturer catalogs, Compile libraries of your frequently used piping components and select them from a drop-down list, Address the viscosity and frictional changes associated with pumping non-settling slurries and a variety of other non-Newtonian fluids, Evaluate codes and industry standards applied in the model, Calculate the cost of system pipes and components as well as energy cost, GIS shapefiles supported by ArcGis and others, Clearly import Excel data into multiple scenarios and export with the Excel Export Manager, Simulating system operation and component interaction, Evaluating heat transfer in pipes and heat exchangers, Troubleshooting existing systems to determine the cause of operational problems. You paste it into the header of any website or content management system. The interface is beautifully simple to use: it shows me everything I want to know about my site's performance, and nothing I don’t! Download Fathom now and get started exploring data in minutes. AFT uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience and analyze site traffic. It’s one single line of code and will never slow down your website’s speed. Fathom is a simple, light-weight, privacy-first alternative to Google Analytics. There are also many free instructional movies, tutorials and more activities on this website. Fathom gives you the tools to build simulations that illuminate concepts of probability and statistics. Educational Software; Math Software; Fathom; Fathom. Our pricing starts at $14/month for 100,000 page views and you can cancel anytime. AI combined with our human infrastructure to maximize speed, and accuracy while reducing costs. Accurately simulate individual system components and interaction, Tightly integrates equipment characteristics, analysis and output with your system’s schematic representation, Provides a wide array of features without sacrificing your need for a short learning curve, Frees you to focus on your system, not the mechanics of software manipulation, Significantly improves the quality of systems engineering you can achieve, leading to less costly, more efficient and more reliable piping systems, Arturo Saenz, Southern Peru Copper Corporation.

We also have several unlimited features for our customers: unlimited email reports and unlimited custom domains. Comprehensive collection of cloud-based fish tracking tools provides deep visibility into your data.

We build B2B & B2C software with a goal to continuously future-proof your digital product or platform so that you never have to play catch-up with your competitors. It also happens to be a joy to use.
As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the importance of leveraging efficiencies and supporting resiliency by employing top-tier solutions that do not become obsolete. We’re also used by Fortune 500s, pioneers of the Open Web and governments who trust our software to provide them with a simple and easy-to-use alternative to Google Analytics. 7 days, or even 30 days, doesn't give you a clear enough picture for if your website is trending up or down, which is why we give you data retention forever. The clean, intuitive Fathom Live dashboard also makes it easy to visualize and interpret data. The download includes the latest monophonic VST Plugin for Windows 32, 64 and the Mac OSX Audio Units and VST. Fathom is available for Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, and macOS versions 10.6 through 10.14. AFT Fathom is fluid dynamic simulation software for engineers, used to calculate pressure drop and pipe flow distribution in liquid and low-velocity gas piping and ducting systems.

In addition to helping students understand algebra, precalculus and statistics, Fathom’s powerful data analysis capabilities make it an excellent tool for the physical and biological sciences, as well as for social science courses. Fathom simplifies the task of analyzing site performance while simultaneously respecting my visitors' privacy. I needed a tool that tells me how many visitors the site gets, what the most popular pages are, and who the top referrals are. Fathom is available for Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, and macOS versions 10.6 through 10.14. Data analysis and modeling are now integral components of high school courses and the Common Core State Standards.

Fathom creates innovative software solutions, using leading edge technologies, deployed in the Cloud. Developers are pretty tech-savvy people, and these days very privacy-cautious–they understand how scripts follow you across the internet, that’s why we choose Fathom, because they don’t do that. With regards to system requirements, FATHOM CIS is available as SaaS software. Our website stats show up on a single, blazingly fast dashboard so you can make business decisions quickly.

Talk to Fathom today about its digital manufacturing ecosystem of solutions. AFT Fathom is used to calculate pressure drop and flow distribution in liquid and low velocity gas piping and ducting systems. + 353 1 548 7621, 3 Joshua Lane, Dublin 2, Ireland, D02 C856. Reduce the total cost of your coding operations by up to 50%.

Benefits Cost, speed, and accuracy No need to make trade-offs, choose all three. EXPLORE SOLUTIONS. Integrations with QuickBooks, Xero, and MYOB, allowing users to import financial data directly from their accounting software.

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